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Welcome to Hancock Spine and Rehab’s website. Situated in west Wichita, the chiropractic experts at Hancock Spine and Rehab are committed to assisting you in accomplishing your wellness goals — combining expertise and skill which spans the whole chiropractic wellness range.

The chiropractor’s here specialize within musculoskeletal and additional nerve associated disease or disorders.  Whether you’ve experienced an accident or injury, a certain body issue like back pain or additional spinal conditions, or merely wish to improve your overall health; Hancock Spine and Rehab has the solution for you via chiropractic care.

The chiropractors here are dedicated to bringing you improved health and an improved quality of life by practicing and teaching the real principles of chiropractic wellness care. Individuals who seek treatment at our center can be sure to receive the highest quality chiropractic care by the use of modern-day chiropractic technology and equipment.

What’s a chiropractor?

chiropractors in wichita

Chiropractors, additionally referred to as doctors of chiropractic, as well as chiropractic physicians, focus on healing and health without interventional techniques, like surgery and medication. Chiropractors concentrate upon the nervous system (spinal cord and brain), upon the alignment of an individual’s spine (backbone), and upon soft tissues (that is, muscles), blood vessels, and nerves.

What issues can our chiropractors assist with?

Chiropractors may assist with multiple different health-associated issues. Conditions treated include:


If you’re new to our site, feel free to learn of and discover chiropractic wellness. If you’re curious about beginning your journey toward wellness, explore the chiropractor blogging segment of our site for wellness resources, articles, and facts on chiropractic health —especially targeted by our doctors to your wellness interests and needs.

The west Wichita Hancock Spine and Rehab office makes use of the most advanced chiropractic techniques used these days. Our chiropractic method includes a non-invasive and non-surgical technique. If you’re suffering with neck pain, back pain, herniated or bulging disc, sciatica or spinal stenosis, our interventional pain management, as well as long-run chiropractic health care and spine decompression may assist in alleviating these issues.

We offer efficient pain relief for a broad array of conditions. The chiropractors of Hancock Spine and Rehab of Wichita specialize in offering effective, safe, and gentle chiropractic care to individuals of every age. Our chiropractors eliminate your discomfort and begin to mend the cause of your issue.

Our doctors utilize the most technologically advanced and latest chiropractic methods to assure long-run results for our clientele. For your benefit, the methods we use are non-invasive and non-surgical, so there is very little risk involved.

Insurances our company accepts:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Medicare
  • Preferred Health Care
  • Coventry
  • PPK
  • HPK
  • United Health
  • Cigna
  • Care Credit
  • Aetna
  • Most Auto Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • and many more!


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